Daily Prompt 3/17/23

What tattoo do you want and where would you put it?

There’s several in the works in my mind. I already have 6 and I want a bunch more. Right now the one I am thinking about is the crest of Clan Kennedy from the Lowlands of Scotland. I have no idea where I want to put it on me though. I am running out of space. I don’t wish to hide it and I’m running low on space on my arms. I don’t want any tattoos on my legs.

In my genealogy research, I have found ties to Clan Kennedy among my ancestors. It’s been really fascinating and one day I hope to visit the castles that are still standing in Scotland. My dad is insanely proud of this Scottish heritage and wears a kilt regularly. He’s got many kilts, actually. He loves the attention he gets when he wears a kilt out.

I have always known that I wasn’t specifically anything, except some of this and some of that. I knew German, French, English, maybe some Irish or something. But I didn’t expect to find Scottish until my dad mentioned that he found it when he did Ancestry testing. I was the one who found the Clan Kennedy connection.

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