Daily Prompt 3/2/23

What is the last thing you learned?

The last thing I learned was that I don’t like to be talked to while I am in the middle of extreme anxiety. That there’s so many words and so much activity in there that the words make it even harder for me to calm down. What I need is physical pressure. I have a weighted blanket that I used to use often. But I also put up my hood if I’m wearing a hoodie or get into beds and pull the covers over me. All of those may work if I’m alone.

If I’m not alone, I just need to be hugged tightly. That grounds me and centers me so that I can breathe and relax. It’s like I can’t breathe until I feel physical pressure. I think sometimes in the past I just sought out that pressure instinctively. But yesterday I was able to verbalize it and understand that was exactly what I needed in these moments. It was really significant for me to understand that and helpful in moving forward in life!

One response to “Daily Prompt 3/2/23”

  1. That’s the last thing I learned too….I am hopeful that I can support you better now that I understand this!


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