Daily Prompt 3/1/23

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

Do you want your milk in a bag?

No! Please don’t waste a bag on the milk. Especially because said bag will become wet.

They ask every time. Like there’s this secret society of people who must have their milk (which has its own handle) in another bag. There’s one cashier at our store who doesn’t ask. She just knows. Or maybe she’s anti-milk in the bag society. She silently protests by putting all the milk containers directly into the cart with no bag. Every time she scans milk, she thinks to herself “I will not ask, I don’t care what they want. No bags for milk in MY line!”

Maybe she just doesn’t even stop to consider that people might want their milk in a bag.

4 responses to “Daily Prompt 3/1/23”

  1. Hmm, never even thought about that. Thanks for the tip.


  2. Please put my milk in a bag like everything else.

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    1. Haha! I guess they need to continue asking everyone since we are all different!

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