Stale Cookies…update 3

The saga continues! Although today’s update is a positive one!

I finally heard back from the company. They have assured me that the cookies will stay fresh on their travels unless it takes longer than 10 days. Tomorrow is day 6, so it IS a possibility that I could reach that 10 day point. But she was very kind and seemed to share in my frustration that they were on this bizarre back and forth trek.

I still feel hostile about this whole thing in general, so I have decided to rain my complaints down on the responsible party…the USPS. Today I have been thinking about what I want to say to them. I have already screen captured all of the places my cookies have traveled to so that I can accurately depict this truly insane journey the cookies have been. The only stranger USPS event I witnessed was a gift for my sister friend (she’s married to my ex’s brother, but we are all still family so it doesn’t really matter) that traveled from NJ to NC to Philadelphia, PA. Those travels made it late for Christmas that year. No one could give me an answer on why it decided to swing by NC for a holiday adventure, instead of just hopping across the river and getting to its destination.

What exactly is happening that some packages move back and forth over hundreds of miles? Are they not off-loaded at their destination? Is there no one to remove them from the truck? I have no clue why this has only happened twice in my years of tracking items in informed delivery on the USPS site. It would seem like this is a more common thing if it’s a staffing problem. Or maybe this only happens very rarely and it’s managed to happen to me twice!

I am once again hopeful that the cookies will arrive soon. This will be a funny story I tell one day, but that day is not today. It’s not funny yet, but maybe it will be once I get my cookies.

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