Stale Cookies…update

They haven’t moved in 40 hours. They are currently 251 miles away. It’s been 4 days or so since they were made, so they are definitely stale at this point.

I feel unreasonably sad and disappointed about everything that has happened with these cookies. It somehow feels like it’s about more than just cookies. I am not exactly sure why or what it even really is. It just feels like such a big deal that this has turned into some huge drama.

In other news, I got new cake pans today that I ordered from Amazon about 26 hours ago. Weird to think about how I decided we needed new cake pans, ordered them, and they arrived in much less time than these cookies. In fact, all of this happened since the cookies arrived at their current location.

I did email the business last night and heard nothing today. Tomorrow I will email another person there to see if I can get more sent my way. I don’t want to have to take this to their social media, but I will if I have to.

All I want is the cookies, not to make any trouble.

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