Daily Prompt 2/26/23

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

  1. My contacts. I am very nearsighted and I HATE wearing glasses. I cannot live without contacts because glasses never feel right. It always feels like they are crooked on my face and so contacts always feel better than glasses 24/7.
  2. My iPad. I don’t use it very often for reading now, but I have a pretty large Kindle library and no matter what happens, I’d want to have that to have access to something to read. Obviously I’d also need the charger, but we will count this as one object.
  3. A toothbrush. I feel like I can’t fall asleep without brushing my teeth. I have religiously brushed my teeth every night for as long as I can remember. I hate the way a dirty mouth feels when I try to fall asleep and there have been times when I forgot. But I will get right up and brush. I cannot and will not fall asleep without brushing.

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