Daily Prompt 2/16/23

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

I LOVE this question!

My biography would be titled something like “Viewer discretion advised.” Another good choice would be “Profanity.”

But if I ever actually write a memoir, it will be titled “Jazz Music and Improper Dancing.” I was once reading a historical article about the college I attended and it talked about the corruption of young women due to “jazz music and improper dancing.” It is no exaggeration that I was in tears for an excessively long period of time because I couldn’t stop laughing. If only it was just jazz music and improper dancing influencing some kids today…imagine all the jazz music back in the day if social media was around.

One response to “Daily Prompt 2/16/23”

  1. Viewer Discretion Advised makes me think of someone like Deuce Bigelow! LOL

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