Lightbulbs and batteries

Do you know how many types of tiny batteries there are? You know, the kind that go into car fobs, garage door openers, Christmas decorations, watches? There’s at least three different types.

And lightbulbs are even worse. How do you choose a damn lightbulb at the store where there’s an entire wall of lightbulbs? Today’s lightbulb adventure is the tiny light underneath the mounted microwave. It spontaneously stopped working yesterday. We need that light to be working because it’s hard to cook on the stove top without it.

So first project of the morning was removing the panel that hides the lightbulb and figuring out what kind of lightbulb I need to get. Naturally it’s not one of the 15 different types of lightbulbs I’ve already bought since I moved here, or found around here. But it is possible that it might be the same type that could replace the long dead one in the air fryer. That’s a project that requires removing about 30 screws.

This part of life seems never ending, just like cleaning the kitchen. I don’t think I’ve ever changed so many lightbulbs and batteries in my life. I think the next time I know someone buys a new house, I’m going to assemble a gift basket of all types of batteries and lightbulbs. Every size possible for both. Maybe other people’s houses only have one or two types of lightbulbs.

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