Daily Prompt 2/9/23

Do you need a break? From what?

I need a break from taking on too much responsibility for things I cannot control. It’s still something I struggle with regularly. I feel so responsible for so many things that go wrong; things that I absolutely have no control to change. Stupid things like feeling guilty because Boy #1 is so intense and sometimes my patience makes me need to hang up the phone. He’s not rude or offensive, but he’s so talkative and so deeply introspective. He won’t hear something unless he wants to hear it. I often have to tell him something repeatedly before he seems to even process what I have said. It’s tricky with him.

I need a break from getting up early to get kids to school as well. They have a four day weekend coming up and I cannot wait for that!! I need to sleep in a few extra days. Once I’ve gotten up with them, I really can’t go back to sleep afterwards, even when I really want to.

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