The kids are off from school today and my wife decided to close her workplace as well because of the weather. We got some snow and there is rain projected for later on this afternoon. It’s nice to have an unexpected day off in the middle of the week!

Girl had her physical today and almost everything went well, except that she failed her hearing test today. She’s never failed before, so the doctor isn’t too concerned about it. It’s hopefully nothing, but we will do a recheck in a month. I hope it’s nothing!! We are also getting her evaluated for dyslexia as she’s still struggling with reading.

Tomorrow Boy #3 has his physical. I’m not expecting much from his either. He’s mostly healthy with no major problems.

The roads weren’t terrible, but it was slightly stressful driving in the snow on some streets that weren’t taken care of. I definitely felt relieved when we all got home safely. (My wife was also out for a meeting and another doctor’s appointment.)

The kids played outside, ate some lunch, and are now sad because we don’t have corn syrup for them to make gummies. They got a kit for Christmas and we need to get more ingredients for the other kits they got. I feel bad for them, but we are NOT going out for the rest of the day.

Freezing rain and more snow are in the forecast, so we will see what tomorrow brings. The superintendent here is really good about closing in a timely manner and not stringing parents along, waiting to hear that information when they’re trying to get everything ready in the morning. That’s what I remember when I was a kid, especially when my parents had one car. Thankfully my dad was a substitute teacher, so snow days meant he was off too. But we sometimes delayed an hour up to three hours and that was challenging with the car and making sure we were supervised if he had to try to get in earlier.

Today is a day for minimal work and relaxing. It’s a nice bonus day off for everyone. I’ve always loved snow days!!

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  1. Snow. Ugh. 🤷🏾‍♂️


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