Daily Prompt 1/11/2023

What is your mission?

My mission? This is a very funny question to me, especially after being in the military for 20 years where I flew missions. This is a very general question, so I guess I can just answer all the variations I can think of.

My mission with this blog is to get comfortable with my own voice and putting my thoughts and feelings out there without feeling like I need to censor myself.

My mission with the kids is to raise functional adults who don’t need therapy from damage I’ve caused them, but for them to prioritize their mental health above all else. And choose a life path that feels genuine and good to them.

My mission in life is to heal. I want to heal myself, my family, my extended family, my friends, people I know, people around me in general, and maybe one day the entire world around me.

I don’t know what my mission my soul has been assigned here on earth, but I feel like I’m on the right path to find that mission. And maybe it is the same as my mission in life. Maybe it’s something more?

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