Tomorrow is THE DAY!

Awhile back I wrote about how my wife and I finally confessed our feelings for each other after watching Hamilton in July of 2020 and how we were going to see Hamilton in person FINALLY! Tomorrow is that day and I cannot wait. We decided to spend the night in the area since the kids are gone and that way we don’t have to come home super late either. It’s the same hotel we stayed at after a concert during the summer. It was a great place, with great service. I am looking forward to a night away.

But mostly I am looking forward to seeing Hamilton in person with my wife. We always swore that we would do that eventually, especially because it was such a big part of how we got together. I know not everyone loves Hamilton, but I do. I listen to the songs often and sing along the whole time. I can’t wait to see all the things you can’t show on the recorded version since it sometimes focuses on whoever is singing. There’s so much I think I’ve been missing. I bet I will want to see it again after seeing it once in person. I love live theatre shows.

I know I will write about it on Thursday and let you all know how much I loved it! I just don’t know how I am going to get to sleep tonight since I am so excited for tomorrow!

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