Daily Prompt 12/21

List your top 5 grocery store items.

Haha, this is the best, most eloquently timed daily prompt ever. I am supposed to head out to the grocery store any time now. In fact, I meant to go earlier but now it’s built up to this weird anxious thing it really doesn’t need to be. I wish I had gone earlier because then it would be over. Anyway, back to the prompt, which is now showing up above with those two lines, which is kinda cool.

  1. Italian bread from the bakery. Everyone in this house loves it and usually only the very ends stick around long enough to get moldy.
  2. Redi Whip. We do fancy hot chocolate in this house with milk and whipped cream, plus chocolate donut sprinkle on top. This is a weekend and holiday staple here.
  3. Quart sized ziplock bags. When I first moved here , our grocery store called them “extra long sandwich bags” and my mind was blown. Who would make such a thing? What a damn genius. Then one day the grocery store changed the packaging and the smoke and mirrors effect was dissolved. These are just quart sized bags that have been made since the beginning of small plastic bags.
  4. Peppers of any color. We use peppers in omelets, homemade pizza, for stuffed peppers, and tons of other things. We always have peppers on hand.
  5. Buffalo Chicken Dip Potato Chips. These are the best chips ever made. I cannot live without them, but I do eventually get sick of them.

I must now head to the grocery store and pick up some of these items and more. A bad storm is heading our way and we don’t want to be caught without food, but also food that will survive a power outage.

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