Daily Prompt

I have decided to work with the daily prompt. I happened to pay more attention to my dashboard today and I could hide it, but I think I might just answer it daily and write another post before/after.

Do I see wild animals is today’s prompt.

Yes. I see birds and squirrels daily, and sometimes deer around the neighborhood. I like the squirrels the most. I call them squirrelios. They jump around the deck and trees and get into everything. They (along with the chipmunks) steal from the garden in the spring and summer. I do not like that part. It’s annoying because they make a huge mess with half eaten vegetables.

I guess we have rabbits all around here too. Those damn things tried to take down a couple fruit trees this year. It remains to be seen if they were successful in their quest to take down these trees. For now the trees have survived, so I guess we just have to wait and see.

Behind our house is a non-wild cat named Freddie that we all hate. He hangs around the house, peeking in the sliding door, annoying our cats. “Go home, Freddie,” is a regular comment around here. We have saved two chipmunks from his mouth by distracting him. Stupid cat. He’s out year round too, which is annoying. Equally annoying is his owners screaming for him all the time. Just keep your cat inside, people!

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