My Strange Request

My youngest, the almost 10 year old, is obsessed with gift giving. Once you reach the 90 days before your birthday, she’s after you to create a list of things you might like as gifts. She always has a running list of gift ideas for herself and the second anyone is looking for ideas for her, she is ON IT within minutes. She’s not selfish though, she’s all about finding the perfect gift for everyone else too and loves to be the person handing out gifts at birthdays and holidays. She has a really sweet soul.

She’s been after us since August to make our Christmas lists. The boys have made their lists and I’ve got a working list of some cool tech gadgets that would be fun to have. But one thing I really want is something a little nutty…

Yes, I really want to teach the two cats how to use buttons. Whether or not they will be willing pupils remains to be seen, but I am hopeful that I can teach them at least a few words. I follow a cat named Billi that does talk with the buttons and it’s so fascinating because it seems like Billi is always mad when she doesn’t get her way. Thinking about what words would be best and trying to plan what I want to teach them first is exciting.

I am trying to be realistic at the same time. Like I could literally spend hours trying to teach them one word and they stay at me blankly. Or they are scared of it and run away every time I try to teach them. Or they fall in love with one word like “food” and all day long, all they will push is food. I often have these grand expectations that go unmet because I either lose interest, it doesn’t go as planned in the beginning, or it’s just too hard and I misjudged my ability to work through the challenges.

I just think it would be fun to teach them to use actual words. I don’t know for sure that I will get pet buttons but I hope I do! And if I don’t, I will just keep asking for them or I will buy them for myself when I have some free money. It would be a fun hobby!

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