Take that…

Today my younger soccer team won their last game. Our final record is 7-1. Haha Gramps…I don’t need no stinking book to coach a very successful recreational league soccer team, full of 3rd and 4th graders.

I wasn’t there, but I emailed my stand-in coach to get the information. Some of the kids made a bet with me; if they win, I buy the whole team a chicken dinner. You know, “winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

I think I just might follow through with this bet. They played a great season and these kids are turning into great soccer players. No one expected us to be THIS good, especially since we were 4-4 last season. The crazy part is that when we lost those 4 times last year, no winning coach had any problem celebrating those great plays with their team. I was judged a little harshly and got a lot of dirty looks from opposing coaches when I cheered for my players who were doing great things. Suck it, losers. My players worked hard for every single goal, pass, and good play they did.

I welcome the break from coaching soccer. I need the time off because the spring season. I will be rested and ready to take on a bunch of crazy kids who wear me out.

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