Some Things About LOVE ❤️

What love is:

❤️ Accepting someone unconditionally

❤️ Listening to someone to understand them better

❤️ Supporting someone in what THEY want to do

❤️ Giving loving, supportive advice WHEN REQUESTED

❤️ Talking WITH someone

❤️ Giving the gift of your time and attention

❤️ Giving a handmade gift or something you know they will love

❤️ Sharing hopes and dreams with each other

What love ISN’T:

❤️ Telling someone who they are

❤️ Denying someone’s life experiences

❤️ Listening just to find ways to prove someone wrong

❤️ Forcing your belief system on someone

❤️ Unsolicited advice

❤️ Talking AT someone

❤️ Determining someone’s path for them

❤️ Sending money or gifts that aren’t from the heart

❤️ Giving gifts with strings attached

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